Thundra APM

Configuring .NET SDK

Enabling Debug Logs

Debug logs can be enabled by setting the thundra_agent_lambda_debug_enable environment variable to true.
Configuration via Environment Variable
thundra_agent_lambda_debug_enable: true

Configuring Thundra API URL

To change the URL that Thundra’s agent sends reports to, set the thundra_agent_lambda_report_rest_baseUrl environment variable to true. Note that normally you don't need to set this environment variable to a URL because the default value that agents use will work automatically. The one exception to this is if you are forwarding Thundra data to our partner environments (Splunk, Honeycomb).
Configuration via Environment Variable
thundra_agent_lambda_report_rest_baseUrl: <report-url>

Enabling Warmup

To enable warming up and reduce cold starts, set the thundra_lambda_warmup_warmupAware environment variable to true. Note that this is just one step in the process: Check out How to Warmup for more information.

Configuring Function Timeout Margin

This configuration specifies how much time is needed to send a report before a Lambda times out. You should change this variable if the timeout_margin is not enough and you don’t see your timed-out functions on the Thundra console. The default value is 200 ms.
Ignore this property if you are using asynchronous monitoring.
Configuration via Environment Variable
thundra_agent_lambda_timeout_margin: <timeout-margin-value-in-ms>