Thundra APM

Upgrading from v1.x to v2.x

In v2.x, we've changed the Nuget package name from Thundra.Agent.Lambda to Thundra.Agent as well as the top namespace as we've started to support .NET Core 2.1 applications as well.
If you are using the Thundra agent's handler already, make sure to adjust it accordingly.

Installing the Agent

With v2.x, the Thundra agent will be installed with the following command.
dotnet add package Thundra.Agent --version $LATEST_VERSION
Latest Version
With v1.x, this was the following.
dotnet add package Thundra.Agent.Lambda --version $LATEST_VERSION
Latest Version

Addressing the Handler

Since we've changed the top namespace from Thundra.Agent.Lambda to Thundra.Agent in v2.x, if you are using the Thundra agent's handler already, you would need to change that as well.
// Old Handler. For v1.x.
// New Handler. For v2.x.