Thundra APM

Getting Started with Thundra APM

Thundra is the only solution that helps with debugging and troubleshooting serverless-centric applications composed of serverless functions, containers, and VMs.
Using Thundra APM, you can:
  • Remotely debug your application before you push it to production.
  • Debug your application online on your own IDE environment.
  • Monitor your serverless-centric application with both general and custom metrics.
  • Troubleshoot errors and timeouts while evaluating their impact by going from the distributed services to the bottom line-by-line level.
You can start using Thundra and see the first results in just minutes! Follow our quick start guide to begin your Thundra experience.
If you'd like to see our manual on how to use Thundra, you can check out the Thundra Web Console guide.
If you'd like to instrument your functions with Thundra libraries yourself or configure your existing instrumentation, you can check the runtime specific documentation for: