Thundra APM

Integration Options for Go SDK

Programmatic Configuration

Step 1: Installation

Install the agent using the following command:
Import thundra-lambda-agent-go
import "" // with go modules enabled (GO111MODULE=on or outside GOPATH) for version >= v2.3.1
import "" // with go modules disabled

Step 2: Wrap Your Handler

Next, wrap your Lambda handler with thundra.wrap:
Wrap your lambda handler
package main
import (
// thundra go agent import here
// Your lambda handler
func handler() (string, error) {
return "Hello, Thundra!", nil
func main() {
// Wrap your lambda handler with Thundra

Step 3: Build and Deploy

Build and deploy your executable to AWS as you usually do. In order to see your invocations in the Thundra web console, make sure that you have set the thundra_apiKey environment variable to the API key you received from the Thundra web console. You can set the environment variables through the AWS Lambda console, in your serverless.yml file, or using another method of your choice.
The API Key environment variable
thundra_apiKey: your_api_key

Step 4: Invoke Your Function

Now you can invoke your Lambda function and see the details of your invocation in the Thundra console!