Thundra APM

VSCode Plugin

This page is deprecated. You can check the active version from here.
Thundra Debugger on VSCode


  • Install the extension from the VSCode marketplace.
  • Sign up for Thundra and select the Thundra Debugger option to receive your authentication key. If you’ve already signed up, you can get your key from the Thundra AWS Lambda Debugger pane.
  • Open the Command Palette (⇧⌘P) and select the Thundra: Edit Configuration command to modify the configuration file.
Thundra Debugger Commanda Palette
"profiles": {
"default": {
"debugger": {
"authToken": <set-your-thundra-auth-token>,
"sessionName": "default",
"brokerHost": "",
"brokerPort": 443

How to use

  • Set a debugging point on your AWS Lambda function.
    Execute the command Thundra: Start Debugger to start the debugging session. (Alternatively, you can click on the Start Thundra Debugger button on the Status Bar.)
VSCode Status Bar
  • Now invoke your AWS Lambda function to hit on the debugging point.
  • The debugging session ends when your AWS Lambda function times out. You can update the timeout of your function for longer sessions.
  • To manage your Thundra Debugger profiles:
    • Open the Thundra configuration file by executing the command Thundra: Edit Configuration.
    • Add new profiles to the file as shown below.
Thundra Debugger Profile
  • You can change your active profile by executing the command Thundra: Change active profile to use the Thundra Debugger with different configurations.
Change Active Profile
In order to quickly start with a different session name:
  • Execute the command Thundra: Start Debugger (with a session name)
  • Enter a unique session name (this will not make changes to the configuration file).
  • Invoke the Lambda function and start debugging.


Thundra: Start Debugger
Starts the debugger with the current profile's settings.
Thundra: Start Debugger (with a session name)
Starts the debugger with the given session name.
Thundra: Change active profile
Changes the active profile to the one given in your configuration file.
Thundra: Edit configuration
Opens the file containing your debugger configuration so you can edit it.
You can access all of the above commands from the command palette (Cmd+Shift+P or Ctrl+Shift+P).
When you start the Thundra Debugger in VSCode, if you are getting the "Error processing attach: Error: Could not connect to debug target at ..." error; you can add "debug.javascript.usePreview": false configuration in your settings.json file. You can check out how to find settings.json file here.