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Configuring Metrics for Java SDK

Provided Metrics

Metric support provides all essential information regarding the performance of your Java Lambda functions, which translate to carefully calculated statistics. You can examine:
    Loaded class counts
    Memory usages
    Memory usages by pool
    CPU percentages
    GC CPU percentages
    GC counts
    GC durations
    Thread count

Configuring Metrics

If you use Thundra’s Java layer (or custom runtime), the metric plugin is disabled by default; however, you can enable it by setting the thundra_agent_lambda_metric_disable environment variable to false.
Metrics are provided and reported periodically. With the following environment variables, the reporting period can be configured. If just one of the following periods reaches its configured limit, the metric is published.
    thundra_agent_metric_sample_sampler_timeAware_timeFreq: Configures the time frequency in milliseconds to trigger metric reporting. Metrics are provided only once during the specified time period. The default value is 300,000 milliseconds (5 minutes).
    thundra_agent_metric_sample_sampler_countAware_countFreq: Configures the invocation count to trigger metric reporting. Metrics are provided only once for each of the specified invocation counts. The default value is 100.
Last modified 10mo ago