Thundra APM

Setting up Thundra Java Library manually

Thundra Java Library

Step 1: Add Thundra Repo

Add Thundra repo ( to your repositories:
<name>Thundra Releases</name>

Step 2: Install Thundra Java Library

Add Thundra dependency:
You can use the version shown below instead of ${thundra.version}.

Step 3: Bundle and Deploy Your Function to AWS Lambda

Bundle all your Java module files along with additional 3rd party dependencies and Thundra library, and then upload it.
While you are building your artifact along with Thundra library, be sure that Thundra service files (under META-INF/services) are merged properly.
For example if you are using Maven Shade plugin, be sure that you haveServicesResourceTransformertransformer configured:
<transformer implementation="org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.ServicesResourceTransformer" />

Step 4: Add Thundra API Key

Add the Thundra API key through THUNDRA_APIKEY environment variable

Step 5: Switch Handler

Set the handler to io.thundra.agent.lambda.core.handler.ThundraLambdaHandler and set the THUNDRA_AGENT_LAMBDA_HANDLER environment variable value to your original handler.