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Thundra is the only vendor with the capability to go from a high-level distributed service to a bottom line-by-line code-tracing level. At the same time, many of our users want to use our product with their central monitoring tool: Splunk.

This is why we developed a Splunk integration tool, enabling software organization to forward rich Thundra observability data to their Splunk instances. This observability data will never come to Thundra’s backend, and stays on-premise in the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud environments.

In order to take advantage of Thundra's Splunk integration, you need to Install the Thundra-Splunk integrator from AWS Marketplace and install Thundra's Splunk application from Splunkbase.

Installation may require further assistance from Thundra’s engineers. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help you install Thundra's Splunk integration.