Thundra APM

Report Tab

The Report tab gives you an in-depth analysis of your Thundra usage. This tab gives you information about how you are using your Thundra plan and shows you whether or not your plan is sufficient for your needs.
You can navigate to the Report tab by opening the user profile selection. Then, navigate to the Billing page and select the Report tab.
The Report tab displays the following sections:
  • Usage Details
  • Request Count Graph

Usage Details

The Usage Details section displays all the information pertaining to your account and its usage, including:
  • Current Plan - Shows which plan you are currently subscribed to.
  • Renewal Date - Displays the next billing date, when your current subscription will be renewed.
  • Used Invocation - Lists the number of invocations you are limited to per your current plan, the number of invocations made so far in the current billing cycle, and the percentage of overall used invocations.
  • Used Data - Shows the amount of data consumed so far in the billing cycle.

Request Count Graph

This graph visualizes your Thundra usage in terms of your invocation counts. The graph illustrates which periods in your billing cycle you make the most requests, and which periods you did not utilize your Thundra monitoring to the fullest.
Request Count Graph