Thundra APM

Subscription Tab

The Subscription tab view gives you an overview of your current Thundra subscription and also allows you to change your subscription plan. The tab view is split into two major components:
You can navigate to the Subscription tab by opening the user profile selection. Next, navigate to the Billing page, and then select the Subscription tab.
Currently, Thundra has four subscription packages:
  • Free
  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Custom
For detailed information about each subscription package and determine which package fits your needs, please visit Thundra’s Pricing page here.

Subscription Information

The Subscription Information section of the Subscription tab allows you to see the details of your current subscription, including when the subscription is scheduled to be renewed and the credit card that will be charged.
You can change your credit card details by clicking on “Edit credit card information.” This will open the credit card view where you can delete, edit, or add a credit card that will be charged for your subscription.
Add Credit Card

Subscription Plans

The Subscription Plans section gives an overview of each subscription plan offered by Thundra. These are available to view as the subscription cards at the bottom of the page, where each card has the Subscription Name, Subscription Information, and a “Change To” option, which will be listed as either “Downgrade” or “Upgrade” depending on how the plan compares to your current subscription.
For example, if you currently have the Standard plan, the alternate plans displayed in this section will be “Free,” “Lite,” and “Custom.” The “Change To” option for the “Free” and “Lite” plans will be listed as “Downgrade,” while the “Change To” option for the “Custom” plan will be listed as “Upgrade.”