Thundra APM

Organizations Page

The Organizations page lists details of the organizations that your account belongs to.
You can navigate to the Organizations page by hovering mouse on the Profile button located on the left-hand side bar of the Thundra console and clicking the "Organizations" item.
A user can be a member of more than one organization or different accounts by invitation from another user or by creating new accounts, in which you will automatically become the Account Owner.
When you open the Organizations page, you can display your organizations in terms of:
  • Organization Name
  • My Role
  • Actions - Displays your current organization
Organizations Page
You can switch to another organization you belong to by using the switch button found under Actions, which is displayed when you hover your mouse over an organization. You can also leave any organization you want by using the delete button found under Actions.
Organization Actions
If your role is set as an Admin or Account Owner in your current organization, you can change the organization name and description.