Thundra APM

Opsgenie Tab

In Thundra, you can create an alert policy that will help you stay aware of issues in your serverless architecture. When setting alerts, you can select different ways to receive notifications, including having them sent to your OpsGenie app. To have your notifications sent to OpsGenie, you need to set your settings in this OpsGenie tab.
Making an Opsgenie configuration is very easy and straightforward. You can copy and paste the Opsgenie API key in this tab, and then save it. Now you can display your API key when creating an alert.
If you want to remove your integration, just click on the “Remove” button. However, if you have alert policies set up with an Opsgenie notification, you cannot delete this API key.
To navigate to the Opsgenie tab, just click on the User icon and Settings item. Go to the Alert Integrations tab. Then you will be able to open the Opsgenie tab.