Thundra APM

Debugger Tab

This page is deprecated
Thundra Debugger is separated from Thundra APM and is now called Serverless Debugger. You can find related info here:
If you are looking for a debugger within Thundra APM then check out MerLoc - Debug & Hot-reload for Lambdas.
The Thundra Debugger enables you to have an online, native debugging experience for your Lambda functions in serverless applications via real-time data on your IDE. We don't simulate any resources or mock any data. To enable the Thundra Debugger, navigate to the Debugger tab, where you can receive your authentication key and start to debug your Lambda functions.
Thundra now supports Node.js, Java, and Python runtimes. Simply follow the instructions detailed for each runtime to quickly begin debugging Lambda functions on your own IDE:
Thundra also makes debugging even more simple with IDE plugins, which are available on various marketplaces. Find more detailed information about how to install and use our plugins from the following links: