Thundra APM

Query Helper

The Query Helper allows you to build queries to search through your data by selecting different parameters to filter your data, including by a list of functions, invocations, operations, unique traces, traces, or logs. The parameters you can select depend on what you are applying the query to, whether it be to your list of functions, to the list of invocations of a specific function, or to the list of traces.
When you click on the Query Bar on the top of the listing pages, the Query Helper will be displayed to make writing queries easier.
If you want to get more help in writing a query, you can use the special CheatSheet. For each different list, we provide you a special CheatSheet with different queries. Just click the play button at the end of a query to see the magic!
Cheat Sheet
You can visit different sections of the Query Helper depending on what you would like to query: