Thundra APM

Metrics Tab

The Metrics Tab gives you an overall picture of the performance metrics of a specific unique trace. Two different metrics are displayed under this tab: Trace Counts and Trace Durations. These metrics give you insight into the health of traces linked to the selected unique trace.

Trace Counts

You can easily display how the Trace Count changed for the selected unique trace within a selected time range. On this chart, you can also see the count of erroneous traces and traces with timeouts. When you hover your mouse over the chart, you can display the numbers of traces and erroneous traces for the specific time you select.

Trace Durations

Using the Trace Durations chart, you have an insight into how durations of the traces change by time for a specific unique trace. You can display three different duration metrics:
  • Average
  • p90
  • p99
To read duration for a specific time, you simply need to hover your mouse over the chart.